Choosing the Right Esthetics School

Choosing the Right Esthetics School

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Below you will find some helpful questions to ask when choosing an esthetics school.

1. How many years has your school been training estheticians?
2. Is your school nationally accredited?
3. Does your school offer Federal Financial Aid?
4. Approximately many students have graduated from your esthetics program?
5. What is your State Board Exam passing rate?
6. What does your esthetics program include?
7. How do students practice?
8. What are the schedules of attendance that your school offers?
9. How long have your teachers worked with your school and what is their background?
10. Where can I work after I graduate?
11. How is the job market for estheticians?
12. How well will I be prepared to work after I graduate?
13. What is your school’s job placement policy?
14. Why should I attend your school and your program?


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