Corrective Esthetics

Corrective Esthetics

Esthetics in a Medical Setting

Our corrective esthetics training prepares students to work in a medical setting.*

What is Corrective Esthetics?

Corrective Esthetics is part of our exclusive Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute curriculum and refers to the skin care services that may be performed by a technician in a medical setting under the supervision of a physician. You may also see it called clinical esthetics, medical aesthetics training, or advanced aesthetics training.*

Why is this important to me?

  • We include our exclusive Corrective Esthetics training in our Esthetics program which means you won’t pay extra beyond your normal tuition!
  • Receive a Corrective Esthetics Certificate in addition to your Esthetics diploma
  • You’ll be more marketable to employers
  • Learn advanced procedures and techniques
  • Learn how to open your own business

Below is just a sampling of the Corrective Esthetics education that we include in our Esthetics program at no additional tuition cost.

Our Corrective Esthetics education includes:

  • Theory of laser
  • Hands-on laser training (provided by our medical spa partner)*
  • Laser Certification (provided by our medical spa partner)*
  • Laser hair removal*
  • Intense pulsed light (IPL) information & demonstration*
  • Advanced facial treatments to address different skin care needs, help promote and maintain healthy, problem-free skin
  • On-site certification available in PCA Skin professional products & peel treatments
  • Advanced exfoliation techniques including the use of AHAs, BHAs, Retinol & TCA
  • Cosmetic procedure demonstrations
  • How to work as an esthetician in a medical setting*
  • Advanced electrotherapy with vitamin infusion*
  • On-site advanced ingredient & product knowledge
  • Light-microdermabrasion*
  • DermaFile treatments
  • Camouflage makeup techniques
  • LED light therapy utilizing industry-leading technology*
  • Equipment used in a medical setting*
  • Medical conditions affecting skin*
  • Lectures by medical professionals working in the skincare industry
  • Ultrasound infusion*
  • And much more!

This portion of our program allows students to learn advanced techniques and makes them more marketable and valuable to employers in the skin care industry!

medical esthetician school

Corrective Esthetics education is included in our Esthetics program at no additional cost!

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Laser Certification provided by TAMID Medical Group & Spa*

Receive a Certificate upon completion!

  • Estelle Skin Care and Spa Institute has partnered with TAMID Medical Group & Spa and Medical Director Dr. Tom Klein to provide our students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a medical setting.
  • Students will learn the theory of lasers and get hands-on training with lasers and other advanced equipment. This training helps to prepare students for employment in a medical office or clinic.

Looking For a Medical Esthetician School in Chicago?

The state of Illinois does not offer a “medical esthetician” or “clinical esthetician” license. At Estelle Skin Care and Spa Institute, we offer an exclusive curriculum that includes Corrective Esthetics training — the advanced techniques and procedures used in esthetics. Some of the courses included in our program are not esthetics and constitute medical training that might assist a student in obtaining employment as an unlicensed physician’s technician in a medical clinic. This type of training can make a graduate more attractive to potential employers in the medical field.*

Students who start our industry-leading esthetics program, complete it — and we’re here for them every step of the way!

We ensure that our students pass their licensure exam, but that’s just the beginning — we also offer lifelong job placement assistance and continuing education!

We Stand Apart

Our partnerships with the industry’s leading professional skin care product lines allow our students to gain an incredible amount of ingredient and product knowledge during their program! Work with top product lines such as Estelle Professional Skincare, GM Collin, PCA Skin, Bioelements, Glymed Plus, and more! In addition, you can apply the wealth of ingredient knowledge you learn at Estelle to any product line you might work with in the future!

Contact us at 847.329.9174 for more information and to schedule a no-obligation campus tour!

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* = Disclaimer regarding “medical estheticians” and scope of practice
In Illinois, an individual cannot present themselves as an esthetician while performing these services and is practicing as an unlicensed technician under the supervision of a licensed physician. Corrective, advanced, and medical courses are not esthetics and constitute medical training that might assist a student in obtaining employment as an unlicensed physician’s technician in a medical clinic. (IDFR)