IL Esthetician License Renewal Requirements & FAQ

IL Esthetician License Renewal Requirements & FAQ

License Renewal Requirements

Why is it important to maintain my esthetics license?

  • Professional advancement
  • Ensuring the safety and protection of clients
  • Staying on the industry forefront
  • Learning new skills & techniques
  • Fulfilling state requirements
Illinois Esthetics License

Requirements for Esthetics License Renewal

Estheticians licensed in Illinois are required to complete 10 CEU hours every 2 years to maintain licensure.

Illinois Esthetics License Renewal

Frequently Asked Questions:

When does my esthetics license expire?
Illinois esthetician licenses expire September 30th of each odd-numbered year and may be renewed within the month prior to expiration.

How do I renew my license?
First, make sure it’s a renewal year and you’ve complied with the continuing education requirements. Second, visit and click on the “License Renewals” button. Follow the online instructions under “Renewals for Individuals” for “Online Credit Card Renewals”. Upon completion, you should receive a confirmation e-mail within a couple days.

How much does license renewal cost?
The State of Illinois currently charges $50 per two-year renewal period. The fee is payable online via Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit/debit cards.

How often do I have to renew my Illinois esthetician license?
Your esthetician license needs to be renewed every two (2) years. In Illinois, esthetician licenses are renewed in odd numbered years (e.g. 2017, 2019, 2021, etc.). You do not have to meet the continuing education requirements for your first renewal cycle after license issuance.

What are CEUs?
CEU stands for Continuing Education Unit. One CEU = one hour of approved continuing education classes.

How many CEUs do I need & where can I get them?
Estheticians in Illinois are required to complete 10 CEUs every two years. You can take continuing education classes with Estelle, product manufacturers, equipment providers, online providers, trade shows, and more. Be sure to verify that your chosen provider is approved by the State of Illinois so that the CEUs will count. Keep the certificate provided by the C.E. sponsor as proof of attendance. Illinois requires you to complete a minimum of half of your C.E. hours in-person.

What kinds of classes can I take?
There are many topics available for CE classes. Some popular topics lately include eyelash extension courses, laser technician certification, advanced topics like light microdermabrasion & exfoliation. You’ll also find traditional topics available such as speed waxing, eyebrow artistry, facial massage and more. These classes are great for brushing up on your skills before starting a new job.

How much do continuing education classes cost?
Pricing will vary depending on the provider and course topic and typically starts at $15/hour. Be sure to research class options and find something you’re interested in learning more about. Individual Eyelash Extensions and Corrective Esthetics topics can be excellent options for estheticians looking to enhance their skill set.

Where can I find a list of C.E. providers?
A list of Illinois state-approved continuing education (C.E.) sponsors can be found on the IDFPR website.

Paperless Licensing in Illinois

I heard that the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) is no longer sending out traditional paper licenses. Is that true?
Yes, IDFPR is no longer mailing paper licenses to any professionals in Illinois in order to lower costs and reduce environmental impact.

How will I receive my license going forward?
You may obtain your license(s) by visiting

My employer needs to verify my license – how can they do that?
You may visit to print a copy of your license and provide it to your employer. Alternatively, your employer may use the License Lookup tool to verify licensure electronically.

Illinois Licensed Estheticians and Cosmetologists:

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