How Long Is Beauty School?

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If you’re interested in pursuing a career in beauty, it’s important to first understand what the entire education process looks like. While it’s common to have amateur experience in hairstyling or makeup artistry, it’s important to have a professional education; this is what opens the door for a sustainable career and a cultivated client base. The Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute in Skokie, IL is a nationally-accredited establishment that offers esthetics programs and esthetician certifications that can lead to long-term success. If you’re interested in starting your path in this industry, take a look at how long it can take to complete beauty school. Pursue your career in the Chicago area with the Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute today!

Cosmetology School Length

Beauty school can be broken down into two major categories: cosmetology school and esthetics programs. Cosmetology school trains students in the art of caring for hair — such as hair styling and hair cutting — skin, and nails; individuals who complete this educational program can eventually seek employment as a nail technician, makeup artist, hair stylist, or skincare specialist. Similar to receiving an esthetician certification, completing cosmetology school can vary, but it can take between one to two years depending on what specific organizations require.

Esthetics Program Length

Completing an esthetics program is slightly different than one that focuses on cosmetology. Individuals who receive their esthetician certification receive training on caring for the skin specifically, and thus can find employment in various spas and resorts providing different skin care treatments. Institutions like the Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute in the Chicago area may have different requirements than other beauty schools, but the average length of an esthetics program can be between six and 12 months. 

Factoring in Additional Training & Education

Even if you end up graduating from the best esthetician school in your area, it’s important to be aware of how much the beauty industry can change over time. New trends and new techniques in caring for hair or skin are guaranteed to appear throughout your career, which means the length of beauty school can be even longer with the addition of continuing education. The Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute can help students keep up with industry advancements by providing additional esthetics program education to keep your repertoire of skills updated. 

Get Started with Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute

If you are eager to start a career in the beauty industry, earning your esthetician certification with Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute is the first step! Not only are we the best esthetician school in the Greater Chicago area, but we are also nationally accredited and offer a specialized approach to this type of education.  Both full-time and part-time classes are available — as well as experience working in your student spa — so students can gain the real-life education and experience they need to have a successful career. 

Earn your esthetician certification and get lifetime career placement assistance with Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute! SInce 1998, we’ve been educating and training skin care professionals who are able to work in the field across the country. Enroll today to access our state-of-the-art multimedia technology and continuously updated curriculum.

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