Why Working in the Beauty Industry is the Best Thing You Can Do

Of all the industries that you could get into, the beauty industry is by far our favorite. While we may have some bias, it’s not difficult to see why a career in this industry would be so amazing. After years of working in the beauty industry and educating individuals on how to start their career as an esthetician, we want to take today to go over a few of the reasons that working in the beauty industry will be the best thing that you do. Let’s dive in.

Never Dull

The beauty industry is constantly changing, and we see that in the way that the services estheticians offer has evolved. Aside from the fact that every day will be different from the next, estheticians are able to work in an industry that is constantly changing. Whether it’s a new procedure or treatment that’s just become popular or it’s the busy schedule that keeps you moving throughout the day, this is an industry where you will always continue to grow, learn, and experience new things.

Endless Educational Opportunities

While we’re on the topic of the beauty industry constantly changing, let’s talk about the fact that a career in the beauty industry means that you have the opportunity to continue to learn for the rest of your career. While that may sound like an unfortunate factor to some, the ability to continue to learn means that you’re never going to be stagnant in your career. While it may not sound like a selling point up front, you’ll be incredibly glad that this is the way the industry is when you’ve spent a couple of decades working as an esthetician. 

Client Relationships

As an esthetician, you are going to be working very closely with your clients to provide them with the services that they need to feel good about themselves. With such a personal service being offered, it’s easy for clients to get vulnerable with their estheticians. Over time, people start to trust one particular individual with all of their services and a relationship is built. Trust us, one of the most rewarding parts of becoming an esthetician and working in the beauty industry as a whole are the clients that you’ll meet and the friendships that will develop.

Variety of Job Options

Some industries will only offer a select few positions, but that’s definitely not the case for careers in the beauty industry. While you may have an esthetician’s licensing, there isn’t only one service that you can provide or one particular position that you can take. As a licensed esthetician, you can offer whatever services you’d like and choose to work in a spa or salon, or you could even open your own business. Whatever you choose to do, the world really is your oyster!

Start Your Career Today


There are so many different reasons why a career as an esthetician or in the beauty industry is the best career choice that you could make. If you’re ready to start building your career, let the team at Estelle Skin Care and Spa Institute be the ones to teach you. Our passion, knowledge, and experience have led us to becoming one of the best beauty schools in Chicago. Let our team help you achieve your goals and reach new heights. Apply online today!

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