Corrective Esthetics 101

Corrective Esthetics Are Beneficial

Suppose you want to learn about how to perform corrective esthetics services and treatments. In that case, our esthetician programs will prepare you for becoming an esthetician who works on these services guided by a physician. You will be able to take your esthetician license and beauty school experience to a whole new level when you work with Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute during your education hours.


Inclusive Training 

Our exclusive corrective esthetics program is included in our esthetics program, which means that you will not have to pay an additional fee for access to this instruction! This is one of the main benefits of our inclusive training program, and you will not get access to this level of education for this cost anywhere else. 


Make You More Marketable

Our program will make you more marketable when you get out of school, and you will have advanced training that not many other estheticians have access to during their school hours. We want our students to be ahead of the curve in every way when they graduate.


Hands-On Practice

Part of our training process for corrective esthetics is a hands-on practice that allows you to learn about the methods of these kinds of services and about working with doctors to guide this kind of treatment protocol. 

Own Your Practice

You will also gain access to critical information that will help you to start your own business after you have completed your beauty school hours. This is one of the best areas of esthetics to focus on if you want to own your practice or business after you have completed your schooling. 

Learn Corrective Esthetics Today!

Corrective esthetics is an increasingly high-demand part of beauty school training. Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute believes that our students should get the best training in the industry when they take their beauty school hours with us.

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