Student Spotlight: Harmony A.

Estelle Esthetics student Harmony graduated in February 2020.

Q: Why did you choose to enter the skin care profession? 
A: I had a lot of skin issues growing up and that led me to my own research. I sought out Estheticians and Dermatologists at the time and was able to receive the help I needed. Since then, I wanted to be the one that helped others overcome their skin issues.

Q: Why did you choose Estelle? 
A: I researched a few other schools before making a decision. Estelle offered the most curriculum by far… laser training and eyelash extensions to name a couple.

Q: What did you enjoy most about being a student here? 
A: My favorite time as a student was towards the end, when we had more hands-on freedom and independence to develop into the Estheticians we wanted to be.

Q: What is your favorite treatment to perform? 
A: Any PCA Peel – to perform and receive. For me personally, they were the most effective peel(s) I had while in school. I noticed a difference in the texture of my skin right away. I definitely hope to work with PCA Skin in the future.

Q: Any advice for our current students?
A: Take full advantage of all the practice time you get. Try everything and don’t let nerves or self-doubt get in the way. You’re gonna do great things!

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